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BCG and all associated entities are hardcore crooks/criminals that outright stole my money and will steal yours too (proof inside)


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They did a lot of different things so I'll break down the timeline-

1) They went into my dplay and STOLE about 10k of FUN out of it
2) They went into one of my autoplay slots and one roll was changed from $0.20 to $200 which was lost of course. Was then changed back to $0.20. They accused me of either doing it on purposed to being high and stupid and not knowing what I'm doing except I have a degree in computer science, was 100% sober and out of reach of the computer.
3) They wired out al my remaining BTC (about $200 USD worth) to an address uknown to me.
4) They completely blockaded me from ALL support. No live support, no emails no nothing. They dont even go through.
5) They then changed almost everything about my account to make it look like a new account for a different person. They even changed my avatar name
and brought me down from VIP16 to VIP1.

I had made many friends during myk play and IM sure some of them have seen me and talked to me. MY nick was NoobKrusher.

So basically they stole all my money, lied about everything and generally did whatever a hardcore villain crook does. Are we, the players and the internet going to let them get away with this? Cuz the government will. They are getting paid to on the side. I took some screenshots and stuff and so can providee some proof. But if I can link up with a single one of my friends we can blow this thing out of the water.



Just look at the flow of mly play. Does it make any sense that I would SUDDENLy out of nowhere raise a single bet or two by hundreds of dollars when I wasp laying for pennies? I have more photos of interest to dig up as well. My one good buddy that helped me reach level 16 would be awesome. 

I also tipped about 100 people, I'm hoping ;some of them remembemember NoobKrushers generosity and come to my aid.


I'm not even so worried about my stolen money, i make enuogh money that it doesn't really hurt me. But these jerks are going to be out there running amok doing this to other innocent people with impunity, and as a former soldier that I cannot abide. I swore an oath to defend my countrymen. And this includes that.

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@NoobKrusherThey are untouchable. Think of how much money they have at their disposal. Even if you could somehow find the operator[s], they are likely positioned outside the jurisdiction of any legal reproach, so you're going to be needing some more soldiers.

In the casino bankroll, there is the equivalent of about $3m.for each coin. Site has been running for about 3 years, with great success. So you gotta low-ball guess the operators profit is at least some multiple of that combined total. 

Your complaints here are quite far outside any rational assessment when you consider that there is no actual motive. It's in the better interest of the casino to leave your account exactly as you had it, and to let you bet your own coin without tampering the values.

VIP 16 cut down to VIP 1 sounds like a login malfunction. For instance, if you click a Bcgame link from within the Telegram application, a WebView window will open up and you'll be thrown into a brand new account with your telegram username. The same goes if you set your account up with your Google email address and a password, but later try and use the Google sign-in feature rather than sign in with email and password... If you do this, a brand new account is opened.

As a computer science major, you have only yourself to blame when falling for phishing scams, and even more so when failing to configure two-factor authentication on any accounts which handle money, no less an online casino. 

While I agree that the shit-coin casino is, in general, a very controversial enterprise that should probably be shut down, there needs to be less money walking away from it for it to be considered a criminal enterprise. Lots of people play and win, and withdraw more than they put in. They do so at the expense of those who put in more... it's rather genius.

In conclusion, it's very doubtful the casino is responsible for any of the things you've listed above. I personally think you fell for a dplay or freebitco phishing link or email or whatever, and you also neglected to set up 2-FA. That's what it looks like to me.

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Yoiu got me on the 2FA. But the way things went down, theres no way they didnt have at least internal help. If not the whole thing was run internally. I don't think 2FA would have helped. If the guy with access to all the backend stack is doing this. no?


And why did they turn off my ability to get support? And many other susupicious tyhings that would never happen if I was just the target of a hacker. But your input is quite valuable, I'm putting hardware based 2FA on every single account now so thank you for that.


Any idea which model is best/where to buy?


Is it possibe/how do I get my old L16 stats back and my account working properly minus the money of course? IF BC is legit Id love to stay its my fav casino ever but it really looks like an inside job to me. Does it just look like a hack to you? You seem knowledgeable so I'll give em another chance in case it as my stupidity.





So I'm ok with losing the thousand or two. My mistake. But why won't BCG let me play on my original account any more or help me do anything ot stat up agaiin in anyway? Sure sounds like the higher ups are involved and dont want me in. And you laugh abou the soldier thing but believe it or that is actually on the table. I can summon up to 500 soldiers to my aid. Soldiering is not just a job its a brotherhood. Nobody messses with a soldier without all his buddies mesing right back with em'.

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Very interesting follow up. Earlier today they fully restored my account and even gave me my money back. But they never said a word to me th whole time, either when they were screwing me or unscrewing me. Isn't just that little detail on it's own highly suspicious? In any case, I am glad to be back and extremely sad that this happened here. I really do love this casino, it's my favourite online or B&M and I've been playing online since like 1998. I was ready to push 100k of bitcoin into this place and start playing like a boss after learning the ropes, but after what just happened - well I'm not going to jump to conclusions but I'll have to do a lot more research before I trust anyone with 100k of my money again.

As you said, they make a small fortune running this place so why would they steal? It seems like an inside job by a limited group that was exposed (likely by me lol) and then the higher ups did the right thing without implicating themselves by admitting liability. I own am the founder and owner/operator of multiple federal corporations (in Canada) as well as some sole proprietorships so I know all about business including the legal side and thi is my best educated guess as to what happend. The part where they changed my auto bet in progress is VERY strange though and I did not get my money back for that.

Nevertheless I am quite content to pay a fee for the lesson I learned about taking my digital security to the max, about who to trust and why and when and about how to manage finance better to limit my risk. All in all I'd say I learned a lot for a small price. My degree cost a fortune and I could have just learned all the same stuff by just buying the textbooks from the university store at like 0.1% of the price.

Thank you for everybody that weighed in. Just the fact that you cared enough to share your opinion and read about my plight warms my heart that there are still some people out there that aren't total scum.

One of the first things I did when I wired in more than a few bucks is I literally tipped everyone that asked. For a lot of people, I asked them how much they need to do what they want to do and I gave them that. These guys only wanted like $5-$10 average. I will do this even more now. BTW I earned my fortune trading stocks on my own. And even though I essentially have 2 widely sought after technical degrees I ended up teaching myself how to trade stocks and have been doing that on my own for the last decade or so. I also live well below my means and save all my money by default essentially because I'm not materialistic and have nothing to buy that I need. I'd rather give it away to others and hopefully it will help some people improve their lives (maybe my $2 tip will get someone a jackpot!).

I like to believe I have lots of brain and heart and I  try to treat everyone with the utmost respect and dignity. We're all just people with essentially the same problems and we only fight each other cuz the damn aliens stopped for lunch. Watch the moment they get here every damn person on the planet will suddenly forget about all their grievances with each other. CUZ THEY WERE COMPLETE BS FROM THE START!!!! I guess it's a holdover from our evolutionary arc, we are too violent for the technologically powered giant bubble we've built for ourselves, but it's still not right and we should always try to do better. That's why I try to lead by example and always tell people to pay it forward not back. I can make as much  money as I want. I feel like a God with superpowers  with my trading skills. I think that's also what makes me a better gambler than average and why BCG tried so hard to remove me. They saw me legit winning all the time.

Now I'm not gonna pointing fingers and making definitive accusations without hard proof. Maybe it was just a hacker. But that does not at all explain a lot of BCGs very strange behaviour. One of them should come in here and weigh in on this. I am very reasonable and I want to give BCG the benefit of the doubt that something crazy/weird happened here and they are not responsible for any nefarious doings. But they are making that quite difficult.


Also, someone has been trying to hack all my accounts all day. 100% complete failure because I've already secured all my accounts with strong passwords, 2FA and other layers of security. But they are still trying and its a bit annoying cuz they keep using up my login attempts and forcing me to change my password every time I want to log in. Can anyone provide any insights that might help here?

Can anyone recommend the best hardware 2FA sticks on the market, and any other security tips? I want the full maximum security I can possibly put on. I don't care how long it will take me to log in. NEVER AGAIN with this.

Thank you all for reading.
Have a pleasant day.

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  • Admin

@NoobKrusher Sorry for your bad experience but let me highlight few things for you.

1. No one from the team  will even touch user funds or alter the bets, we have been in operation for many years and trust, fairness and transparency is what we are all about.

2. Site is well protected from our end however, protection and security measures go 2 ways not one. As a user, you will need to also exercise good security measures like 2FA, strong passwords both on account as well as in your email. Other OPSEC (operational security)  habits like not visiting random links or trying some fake download scripts will reduces your chances of such occurrences.

3. Mostly likely the incident you describe is that of a hack,  and if someone already has your credentials can easily operate your account. Following a basic healthy internet practices can keep you and your funds safe.

Hope this reply helps you and sheds light in some aspects that you otherwise perceived it incorrectly.


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Our casino has very large players you can possibly think of. Never any of them had such issue if they had enabled 2fa on their accounts. A casino won't risk their credibility and reputation for few hundred or thousand dollars.

This is a purely a case of hack, and mostly happened because there was no 2FA Enabled.

You are solely responsible for this and no one else.

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On 3/27/2022 at 5:47 AM, BCGame_POP said:

Our casino has very large players you can possibly think of. Never any of them had such issue if they had enabled 2fa on their accounts. A casino won't risk their credibility and reputation for few hundred or thousand dollars.

This is a purely a case of hack, and mostly happened because there was no 2FA Enabled.

You are solely responsible for this and no one else.

Yes you are correct. My apologies. Due to the nature of the hack, it seemed like it was coming from inside. Like they were able to mess with my account in ways that I thought were impossible unless you have direct access to the live database. In any case, I have fully countered the hack (all my assets returned), all my accounts unlocked and now I'm alot smarter about digital security.

I changed passwords on all accounts to something very strong. Added 2FA. In some cases additional layers. I've seen many hacking attempts since then and it seems my new security mesures are impentreable for now.

Sorry for blaming BCG, it was a very confusing situation. I've never been hacked before. I know the normal security procedures and was following them, wonder how they got me....anyway its' all locked up now. That's the reason I joined BCG, it looked like the most legit place. It's my fav casino I enjoy playing here a lot.


Thank you for replies from staff.


Good day,


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I was on bc game since 2019, and i can say i had some money (700-900$) at once on bc and they never abused or did anything to my account, even though i was inactive for 7-8 months and returning back for 2 times.. Since begin i know their admins/moderators are really well chosen and had no problems with them. And now they grow much bigger then they were in 2019, I can guarantee they would never do something like this, as i have also friends here without any problems.


Even when was crypto falling i kept coins on BCD, and transfered to other cryptos without problem, and I am glad you got your problem solved. I am also at computer science, working for 10 years desktop & web programming, and i can say you, the best thing you should avoid is javascript plugins if they are not from trusted source, or you made them yourself, as even with 2FA activated, you can get hacked? They cant reach your code, but at your login if you using plugin, you are entering 2FA which can be logged by Javascript, and kept for further actions as the 2FA code is valid for extra 2 minutes after it expires (enough to take your money/send it or similar actions).


Best regards,


Bosnia and Herzegovina


Web developer ("PHP, HTML/CSS, JS, MySQL") & Desktop developer ("C++")
Years ("15") /* years of experience */


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Hey guys,

They just did it again they just paid you off it was cheaper to pay you off and shut you up then the problems you want to cause them there is no way their it team doesn't know what's going on on their database if someone else has access to it. Miss crusher the same exact thing happened to me but I wasn't level 25 I was way up there all my data disappeared the support staff would not take my messages anymore I would just leave books for them to read and never wants to get back to me I lost a lot of money I never took any substantial funds out of the account you know the bait they usually give you so you play more I do believe that most of the admins are honest good people. However the criminal Enterprise that runs BC need that on the face so that they can continue to do what they're getting away with for all you know every game you play that's a group playing game you're actually the only person in there and they can manipulate the game how they want and just make it appear that this other people in the room with you I'm glad you got your account back I wasn't a social as you were I did tip people and try to help people out but one day my account was just not there if the good people at BC game are not responsible for this and I had the security on my account why don't they investigate further? Why do they stop taking your males sent to them I had my own host he answered me one time and that was it as soon as they realized they could drain no more for me and that I was getting angry that was it conversation was closed I know exactly where they are I know they're exact location I know they are exact geolocation and their remote geolocations but there's nothing to do I'm a soldier myself a Marine, I have brothers I could put together a squad go down there have some fun but it would be considered an act of war or at least a heinous crime even though it was instigated by them it's just money I enjoy the people more at BC game than I care about the money I wish admin would help me out and get my sight back under the name Will skrilla but I think a snowball has a better chance to survive in hell I remember you noob crusher you always used to be on chat I'm glad they squared you away me they just f***** off. Good luck to you everyone else watch your s*** because they certainly are with kindest regards to all the honest people New York spark formerly will scrilla

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