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Chasing Losses


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Chasing Losses.


Most gamblers who start chasing losses are reacting to the situation without a plan. They get behind and scramble to make up their losses. This is a dangerous habit, and eventually they get unlucky and lose more than they can hope to recover. 


If this is how you chase losses, you should stop. However, if you have a plan before you start gambling, you can incorporate chasing losses into the plan in a way that protects at least part of your bankroll and gives you a chance to hit a nice win from time to time. 


1 – Segregate Your Bankroll 


To use the segregation method, divide your bankroll into two parts. You can divide it into two equal parts or in any ratio that works for you. Use one part of your bankroll to chase losses, using whatever system you prefer, and use the other portion of your bankroll for regular gambling activities.


2 – Double or Nothing Strategy


It’s a simple strategy and is you use it every time you gamble you either double your starting bankroll or lose it all. The thing that sets this strategy apart from how most players gamble is that you know what your possible outcomes are before you start.


3 – Change the Game


The best way to gamble is to never put yourself into a position where you have to chase losses. One way to do this is to find games with a low house edge that you study until you learn exactly what to expect every time you play them. The other way is to stop playing some games, and concentrate on ones that let you have a realistic chance to win.


Chasing losses eventually leads to a loss, but if you incorporate it into your overall strategy you can chase them to add variety without destroying your bankroll. The better option for some gamblers is to change the game so they never have to worry about chasing losses, but the final decision is yours. Avoid falling into the gambler’s fallacy trap, and start with a plan and you’re going to be better off than most gamblers.

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  • Admin

Thank you very much for your detailed points. I hope gamblers will understand the points you have mentioned and make right judgement.

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Very nice read and the excited well as far as the writing goes.   Topic on point 💯

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